There was a great article on the Guardian website at the weekend by Joan McFadden called ‘8 ways to escape the rat race‘.

The article focused on moving away from the city to live somewhere remote.


Apparently, the Isle of Skye was at the top in a recent survey about where people would most like to live in Britain.



I reckon that Cumbria, where I live, is up there too.



And it isn’t just remote areas of Britain where people long to live. I have a dream of retiring to Malta but where I wanted to live is now too commercialised and too expensive so I would need to think about the smaller island of Gozo. I have been persuaded that it would be foolish to sell everything and move, and have accepted that renting out our house for a year would be a better option – just in case it didn’t live up to the dream and we want to come back.

My sister sold up and moved to Australia only to return a few years later.


Not Too Late at 58 isn’t necessarily about leaving the rat race, though it might be, but some of the points made in the article follow the same line of advice. These include:

  • Doing some research into where you plan to go and what you plan to do.
  • Making a winter visit to the Isle of Skye (or a summer visit to Australia)
  • Talk it over with others who have a vested interest such as your spouse/partner, children, employer, etc.

And the advice that is just the same as mine:

  • DO IT NOW – while there is still time
Escaping the rat race – well, that is some people’s dream

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