This ebook is an extract from Not Too Late at 58 – the book. It is about  knowing what motivates you (as opposed to anyone else).

The link is to the right and at the bottom of the page, but here it is again Motivation and Making it Happen for YOU






I call this the ‘Fried Egg‘ diagram. I think it is a marketing tool.

It is a fun exercise to help you to think up lots of options before you start on a detailed action plan.

Simply click on it, or here, for a copy to use yourself.




When I’m writing, I record my progress visually by using a Page of Stars.

I write in the number of words I’ve written in total and (in brackets) the number I’ve done on that day.

You could use it to record what actions you have taken. You could use it to record weight loss, or miles run. You can use it any way you like.



I devised this SPV (Strengths, Values, Passions) Chart for my TEDx talk at University of Cumbria in May 2016. Click here to have a go and see how your strengths, values and passions align with your dream.





Try this one – it’s a tool to help you analyse how satisfied you are with life at the moment,  and what you need to do to increase that level.




Doing a timeline of your life can help you see the highs and lows. It can help you learn from the lows and move on. It can help you learn from the highs, particularly to see where your strengths and passions lie. Click here for a template and a few questions to help you learn from the past – the bad stuff and especially the good stuff.




How much do you think you can shape your own future? Download this exercise here to be clearer on what you can do, what you need to do, and what you really can’t do (so stop worrying about that one).


When you’re ready to do your action plan, you need to start from having achieved it (at least in your mind). This great exercise will help you get and stay motivated as you work steadily towards achieving your dream. Click here to move forward now.





And here is a good old SWOT chart for you to download and use.