It’s Not Too Late at 58 to do that thing you’ve always wanted to do. It might seem like it is sometimes, but as Henry Ford said, ‘Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re probably right.

So how about some positive thinking to lead into the weekend?


Try this: take a pen and some paper and:

  • describe the good things about yourself
  • or draw yourself
  • or do a bullet-point list of your good points
  • or do a mind-map of the different types of good things (eg your looks, your personality, your willingness to help others, your ability to overcome adversity, your ability to make people laugh, your technical skills, your artistic talents, your sporting prowess, your charity work, your cooking skills, your caring skills, your great ideas, well, you get the picture)


DO NOT ‘qualify’ the statements. By that I mean I might say my hair is nice and one of my best features then qualify that by saying BUT it needs washing/it needs cutting/I’m going grey/etc.

So DO NOT qualify what you write – accept what is good about you.


Then note down:

  • a good thing your parents would say about you
  • a good thing your boss would say about you
  • a good thing your children would say about you
  • a good thing a friend would say about you
  • a good thing your partner would say about you


There now – isn’t that better. Have a great weekend.     

Get yourself good for the weekend.

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