I’ve watched this video loads of times, and it still makes me think
Yes, I must do it NOW – while there’s still time.’

Check it out here     


Write your biggest regret’ was written on a chalk-board in New York City and left there for a day. The public stopped, looked, and wrote their regrets, such things as:

  • Not doing what I always wanted to do when I was little
  • All the time I wasted
  • Not following my passion
  • Not getting my MBA
  • Not going after my dreams
  • Not following my artistic passions
  • Staying in my comfort zone
  • Not getting involved
  • Not pursuing acting
  • Not challenging myself
  • Burning bridges

Most were chances not taken or words not spoken.

They end by erasing all the comments and agreeing that every day is a clean slate to ‘Do the things you’ll regret not doing.

A lot of the people on the video were young, but we know it’s Not Too Late at 58

Have you seen this You Tube video?

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