I’ve recently come across an article by Monica Zent, founder and CEO of Foxwordy so big thanks to her for some of Madonna’s thoughts (yes, the singer, not the picture) about age and being an entrepreneur in your 50s. In fact, I think Madonna might be 58 now – she was 56 when the article was written in April 2015.

Some of Madonna’s 7 key lessons align with Not Too Late at 58 so I’ll share them over the 28 days of February.


No 3 is Take care of yourself.

She is talking from the point of view of being in business, but it can apply equally as well for those of us who want to do something else big, like:

  • studying
  • learning a new skill
  • writing a book
  • researching family history
  • travelling alone
  • and many more possibilities.

It is too easy to put your own health and well-being on the back burner. If you do, it will have the effect of making your ‘journey’ – whether a physical journey or an emotional one or an intellectual one – more difficult and stressful. If you are tired, you are likely to make wrong decisions or bad choices.

So, look after yourself, take time for yourself, and relax in whatever way works for you.

Then get back to pursuing your dream – while there’s still time.

Madonna says – Look after yourself

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