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I promised you more detail about Not Too Late at 58 – Is NOW the right time for YOU?  The course is made up of six modules, one each week.


Module 1 – Digging up and ditching the bad stuff. We’ll banish the unhelpful voices, thoughts and beliefs and expose them to the light of day. By the end you will be able to consign the bad things from the past to where they belong – in the past. You will feel liberated.


Module 2 – Delighting in the good stuff. We’ll take time to highlight your strengths and previous wins. You will see how you can use your strengths, and the strengths other people think you’ve got, to achieve your DREAM. You will feel so good about yourself.


Module 3 – Recognising where you are now and recognising yourself. This is when you identify how satisfied you are with life now, and using your strengths, your passions and your values to move forward. You will feel empowered to make the changes you want in your life.


Module 4 – Evaluating your options. This module will give you clarity about the ways in which you can realise your DREAM. It will also help you identify who else may be affected by your plans so you can get them on-side. You will feel sure you are taking the right path.


Module 5 – Action planning. Rather than launch straight in to something new, it’s good to sort out the steps you need to take to make it work. Visualising your dream can really help with this too. You will feel confident that the steps you take are moving you closer to your dream.


Module 6 – Making it happen with motivation. We start a new project with great motivation, don’t we? But that can wane quite quickly especially if you are working on it by yourself. This module will help you identify the things that keep you going when the going gets tough. You will feel energised as you start to make your dream a reality.

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