In February I decided what my words would be for 2019. I chose ‘Believe and Achieve’. As MyIntent.org only fits 14 characters I had to abbreviate it. Hence B A A 2019.


This isn’t all about me me me.



Yes, it is to believe in myself and my ‘products’, but also to state that I believe in my clients and mentees who take part in the Not Too Late programmes – be they reading the books, doing the online courses, coming on the weekend workshops or taking up the mentoring programme.

And yes, of course I want to achieve success in my business. But I also thrive on seeing other people achieve. I love to see other people ‘of a certain age’ realise their dreams NOW, while there is still time : )

Please have a listen to a couple of my new podcasts at Podbean and subscribe if you like them. The next series will be about starting up a business.

Or see below.

They are also on iTunes – BUT – listed in the wrong order. I have no idea why or how to correct it. #NotTooLateToLearn #JobForTheWeekend


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