Have YOU reached certain age? 

You know what I mean – when you start thinking about the things you haven’t done yet.

Or maybe one big thing you’ve always wanted to do

– like starting your own business?

And lately the phrase ‘If I don’t do it now… comes to mind.

  • Maybe you’re stuck in a rut?
  • Or have you started to settle for the quiet life?
  • Maybe you’re more positive than that and you think ’Well, I’m older and wiser now, and while I’ve still got the energy to give it a go…

I’ve had my own business for 15 years and now I’m branching out into something new. It’s a series of courses, books, weekend workshops and 1:1 mentoring to help other people of ‘a certain age’ achieve what they really want to do.


Get a business plan in place – before you start

As well as the 9 online learning modules, there are:

  • Templates you can use to work through your business idea
  • a Facebook Page with regular Facebook Live sessions to share tips, success stories, progress, problems and possible solutions


By the end of this course, you will:

  • HAVE A BUSINESS PLAN to enable you to get started
  • Be clear on your reasons for starting a business and what you can offer
  • Have done some market research about your potential clients/customer and your competition
  • Have considered how, where and when to market your business
  • Have a cash flow forecast to see you through your first year
  • Have SMART business objectives for your first year, and a vision for your first three years
  • Have considered what legal aspects you need to comply with
  • Have decided how your business will be constituted

This course is for you:

  • If you have reached ‘that certain age’, and want to realise your dream of having your own business – while there’s still time.
  • You’ve got experience of life that you can add to your knowledge and skills, and bring them to your business
  • You want to get a plan in place before you launch into it

This course is NOT for you if:

  • You’re not prepared to take time to think through your business idea


Why am I qualified to help YOU?

  • I have had my own training company since I was 48 and at the age of 58 decided to branch into a whole new area of teaching and mentoring
    • Online courses
    • Self-help books
    • Weekend workshops
    • 1:1 mentoring
  • So I know how it feels to take a risk, to leave my comfort zone and start again.
  • I am a trained coach/mentor for business start-ups so I’m used to working with people who are trying to realise a dream of owning their own business.
  • I am a qualified and experienced trainer therefore able to lead people through a process in a logical manner so they understand, know and can do the steps needed.
  • I am starting another new project myself right now

The course is held at the affordable price of £47