There are three main courses for Not Too Late at 58 – To start your own business

Not Too Late at 58 – To start your own business
An on-line course lasting 10 weeks takes you through a series of steps to help you decide think through and put together a business plan.  It is a mixture of recorded sessions, downloadable resources, and interaction on our Facebook Page to share your thoughts with fellow-participants.

The course is available now and is priced at only £47.

For detailed information seeThe on-line course’


Or you can enrol for one module at a time for just £5.80/module.

Introduction (Module 1) and Module 2   –  Let’s start with YOU

Introduction and Module 3   –   Now let’s look at your business idea

Introduction and Module 4   –   Now let’s look at your clients/customers

Introduction and Module 5   –   Who is competing for your ideal client?

Introduction and Module 6   –   Marketing your business

Introduction and Module 7   –   Setting SMART business objectives

Introduction and Module 8   –   Some legal aspects

Introduction and Module 9   –   The finance bit

Introduction and Module 10  –   How will your business be constituted?

Not Too Late at 58 – It’s time to work on your business plan
A weekend workshop
at a location in the beautiful English Lake District. As part of a group of 6-12 people, you will have some guided sessions with us all together, time to talk through your plan in a smaller group, quiet time to work on your business plan,  a chance to audio and/or video your positioning statement for your website, and 1:1 time with me. The next weekend workshop will be in early 2020 and is priced at £475.

For detailed information see ‘The weekend workshop’

Not Too Late at 58 – Now it’s time to implement your business plan.
1:1 mentoring with me to give you support, encouragement, accountability, and it means having a cheer-leader to help you though the setbacks and celebrate the success. Phone/Skype/Facetime calls will be scheduled at times to suit you. Typically it would be a 1-hour call every week in blocks of 6 weeks priced at £375.

For detailed information see ‘1:1 mentoring’

You don’t need to follow through these sequentially – dive into whichever one suits you and your situation right now.