Happy International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day, March 8th, is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievement of women.

It marks a call to action for accelerating gender equality.

The campaign for IWD 2017 is ‘Be Bold For Change‘ #BeBoldForChange

You can go to their website and commit to taking BOLD action in one of the following ways:

  • I’ll challenge bias and inequality
  • I’ll campaign against violence
  • I’ll forge women’s advancement
  • I’ll celebrate women’s achievement
  • I’ll champion women’s education

I commit to celebrating women’s achievement. It’s Not Too Late at 58 to go on and achieve more.

Will I soon be a ‘saga lout’? #justasking

I have subscribed to a series of articles called ‘The New Retirement’ by Amelia Hill. It is about what it means to be of pensionable age here and overseas.

So far it is fascinating, and I’ve learned a new phrase ‘saga lout‘. She shows a picture of men knocking back pints of beer, but maybe it’s me and my female friends swigging ice-cold Sav. A sobering thought.

Time to think! Here is the link to the first of the articles.


Get yourself good for the weekend.

It’s Not Too Late at 58 to do that thing you’ve always wanted to do. It might seem like it is sometimes, but as Henry Ford said, ‘Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re probably right.

So how about some positive thinking to lead into the weekend?


Try this: take a pen and some paper and:

  • describe the good things about yourself
  • or draw yourself
  • or do a bullet-point list of your good points
  • or do a mind-map of the different types of good things (eg your looks, your personality, your willingness to help others, your ability to overcome adversity, your ability to make people laugh, your technical skills, your artistic talents, your sporting prowess, your charity work, your cooking skills, your caring skills, your great ideas, well, you get the picture)


DO NOT ‘qualify’ the statements. By that I mean I might say my hair is nice and one of my best features then qualify that by saying BUT it needs washing/it needs cutting/I’m going grey/etc.

So DO NOT qualify what you write – accept what is good about you.


Then note down:

  • a good thing your parents would say about you
  • a good thing your boss would say about you
  • a good thing your children would say about you
  • a good thing a friend would say about you
  • a good thing your partner would say about you


There now – isn’t that better. Have a great weekend.     

Could you turn your hobby into a business – it’s not too late.

People often wonder whether they could turn a hobby into a business. Although many young people do this, it can be a difficult decision to turn your back on a steady job and income if you have a mortgage and/or a young family to support.

Reaching ‘that certain age can be the trigger to finally do that. With retirement age rapidly disappearing into the future, a wealth of wisdom and experience under your belt, and the mortgage paid off (or nearly paid off) why not think about how you can earn as you age – doing something you really love – while there is still time.


I heard a 70+ year old on the radio talking about how he has become a personal trainer for people of a similar age. Go him!

Not Too Late at 58 … to start your own business will help you decide whether NOW is the right time for YOU.

Madonna says – Look after yourself

I’ve recently come across an article by Monica Zent, founder and CEO of Foxwordy so big thanks to her for some of Madonna’s thoughts (yes, the singer, not the picture) about age and being an entrepreneur in your 50s. In fact, I think Madonna might be 58 now – she was 56 when the article was written in April 2015.

Some of Madonna’s 7 key lessons align with Not Too Late at 58 so I’ll share them over the 28 days of February.


No 3 is Take care of yourself.

She is talking from the point of view of being in business, but it can apply equally as well for those of us who want to do something else big, like:

  • studying
  • learning a new skill
  • writing a book
  • researching family history
  • travelling alone
  • and many more possibilities.

It is too easy to put your own health and well-being on the back burner. If you do, it will have the effect of making your ‘journey’ – whether a physical journey or an emotional one or an intellectual one – more difficult and stressful. If you are tired, you are likely to make wrong decisions or bad choices.

So, look after yourself, take time for yourself, and relax in whatever way works for you.

Then get back to pursuing your dream – while there’s still time.

Escaping the rat race – well, that is some people’s dream

There was a great article on the Guardian website at the weekend by Joan McFadden called ‘8 ways to escape the rat race‘.

The article focused on moving away from the city to live somewhere remote.


Apparently, the Isle of Skye was at the top in a recent survey about where people would most like to live in Britain.



I reckon that Cumbria, where I live, is up there too.



And it isn’t just remote areas of Britain where people long to live. I have a dream of retiring to Malta but where I wanted to live is now too commercialised and too expensive so I would need to think about the smaller island of Gozo. I have been persuaded that it would be foolish to sell everything and move, and have accepted that renting out our house for a year would be a better option – just in case it didn’t live up to the dream and we want to come back.

My sister sold up and moved to Australia only to return a few years later.


Not Too Late at 58 isn’t necessarily about leaving the rat race, though it might be, but some of the points made in the article follow the same line of advice. These include:

  • Doing some research into where you plan to go and what you plan to do.
  • Making a winter visit to the Isle of Skye (or a summer visit to Australia)
  • Talk it over with others who have a vested interest such as your spouse/partner, children, employer, etc.

And the advice that is just the same as mine:

  • DO IT NOW – while there is still time

Have you seen this You Tube video?

I’ve watched this video loads of times, and it still makes me think
Yes, I must do it NOW – while there’s still time.’

Check it out here     


Write your biggest regret’ was written on a chalk-board in New York City and left there for a day. The public stopped, looked, and wrote their regrets, such things as:

  • Not doing what I always wanted to do when I was little
  • All the time I wasted
  • Not following my passion
  • Not getting my MBA
  • Not going after my dreams
  • Not following my artistic passions
  • Staying in my comfort zone
  • Not getting involved
  • Not pursuing acting
  • Not challenging myself
  • Burning bridges

Most were chances not taken or words not spoken.

They end by erasing all the comments and agreeing that every day is a clean slate to ‘Do the things you’ll regret not doing.

A lot of the people on the video were young, but we know it’s Not Too Late at 58