An email from a fellow Not-Too-Late- er

Dear Annie

I couldn’t sleep so have been dipping into “Not too late at 58” again.

Your writing is inspiring – you have the ability to unleash the dormant longings and aspirations in people and give them hope.  I feel honoured to have a mention – spot on.

I so look forward to the book launch.

Sarah Hampton (pen name)

I received an email that said:

‘Please see attached. I have sent this to you so you can see and maybe feel my vision. Being able to do your course at this time has been perfect. Thank you.’

Chris Jackson of Calico Health and Wellbeing Centre

This was posted on Facebook (completely unsolicited!) on Not Too Late at 58

‘Annie is totally fabulous. I recommend her webinars to everyone, even if you are not quite 58!  She has inspired me immensely to chase my dreams and make things happen. So much is possible when you try…’

Alison Dear of Body, Spirit and Sole Reflexology and Foot Reading