One of my business start-up clients told me that she would like to do a Masters Degree in some sort of forensic science but that she felt silly saying that – as she is 39 years old!!!

I told her about Not Too Late at 58, and she said that a couple of friends and a close family member had said ‘What do you want to do that for – at your age?’

It reminded me how important it is when starting a new venture, especially one outside the comfort zone of your friends and family, to surround yourself with POSITIVE PEOPLE –

  • People who want you to succeed in achieving your dreams
  • People who aren’t jealous because they can’t or won’t go for their dreams
  • People who aren’t afraid of how their life might change if you change your life

You need cheer-leaders. You are worth it.

Have a good weekend.

You need positive people

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